Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World's Busiest Lady!

I have a confession. I love schedules. I love charts. I love plans, and I've always got a scheme going. I guess those are several confessions.... and though the title of this blog is a gross exaggeration, sometimes I really do feel like World's Busiest Lady. I have to admit that much of it is self-imposed, though.

You already know how I'm a crazy mad woman in the mornings, so let me give you a bigger glimpse into my life. If you are some crazy stalker, please disregard my schedule. If you show up where I am, be aware that I am truly insane and am always prepared to stab someone with my keys. That. is not a joke.

So, let me share some of my schedules, charts, ideas, and schemes with you.

Here's the basic daily plan. I wake up at 5 a.m. I do a Bible study, eat breakfast, and work (doing medical transcription from home) from approximately 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. Ephraim gets up around 6 a.m. and joins me downstairs. I fix his breakfast, encourage him to get dressed, and put on the cartoons till Daddy and Aspen are awake. Once he's up, Quincy has the kiddos. He does a morning Bible study with Ephraim, dresses the kids (with the clothes I've laid out the night before), and helps Ephraim to do his daily chore. Ephraim has a different chore every day. On Mondays, because this is the day after our Sunday night campout, he doesn't do a chore. Also, I don't work on Mondays. I work Tuesday through Saturday. On Tuesdays, he cleans the sliding glass door. On Wednesdays, he takes out the garbage from the bathrooms, office, and his bedroom. On Thursdays, he cleans the baseboards with Clorox wipes. On Fridays, he dusts the end tables and whatever other items are within reach. (Yes, there's a chart. It hangs on the fridge.)

At 9 a.m., I take over "custody." :) Right now, I nurse Aspen and pump for a little baby who needs some extra milk. I may have already taken a shower before work, or I may run and do so now. I will also "ideally" unload the clean dishwasher. Once we are all dressed, I move on to the next thing.

My newest scheme is a plan to visit all of the parks in our city. So Mondays are park day! We will begin working our way around the city on a park adventure. I plan to write some reviews here! We go from roughly 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Tuesdays are library day. Sometimes we go to our local library. Sometimes we visit other ones. Ephraim has his own card, so we go crazy and get tons of stuff. We love to read together. Again, this is a 10 a.m. to 12 noon activity. Wednesday is zoo day! Thursday is not so fun (for the kids). It's Publix day! :) Friday is flexible, but I'm thinking I may devote it to my park adventure because I know it's going to drive me crazy not to "finish" quickly. hahah By the way, Aspen usually sleeps straight through all these adventures, so that's part of the reason I like to have fun with my son during that time.

So, now it's noon. We are back home and have lunch. Quincy has lunch with us. We usually watch a TV show at lunchtime. I then do some school time with Ephraim. Here's how we handle school time.
Monday - Phonics/Reading
Tuesday - Giant Activity Workbook
Wednesday - Craft Day (my fav!)
Thursday - Phonics/Reading
Friday - Bible Activity
This lasts from approximately 12:30 to 2 p.m.

Nap time! Hallelujah! :) Right now, Quincy is much quicker and more successful at putting Aspen down for a nap. Since I have the luxury of having him at home, this is the time when I interrupt him. He takes a few minutes and puts Aspen to sleep in our bedroom, while I sit and read stories with Ephraim in his room. I usually read 2-3 books of his choosing, then sit and read my own book in a rocking chair in his room for half an hour or so. It helps me wind down and gives me a break, and it also helps him fall asleep peacefully, without argument.

During nap time, I cram in approximately 1000 different things. I have my own daily chores (bathrooms, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, etc.). If I have orders for Luv Boopas or other crafts, I sew, crochet, knit, whatever. I organize and plan my coupons/shopping trips. I check out Facebook world. I watch whatever TV show or movie I want to watch (in the background of my activities) but don't want my child to mimic. ;) I also have a love affair with my crock pot. Much of the time, I throw dinner in the crock pot during this time as well. I take any and every recipe and make it crock pot friendly. It makes life MUCH easier.

Nap time for Aspen usually ends at 4 p.m. Ephraim sometimes goes way longer, and sometimes his nap is much shorter. For those of you who are jealous of him still taking a nap, please remember that he generally wakes up at 6 a.m. and comes downstairs to watch cartoons while I work. If you don't want a 6 a.m. wake up call, you don't get a napping 3 year old. :)

From 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., things are a bit fuzzy. I may or may not take my kids to the mailbox and park in my neighborhood. I may or may not let them watch TV again. Maybe we'll read a book? Maybe we'll do another craft, cause it is my favorite. Maybe we'll play a game or do a puzzle. Maybe we'll go somewhere else to run errands because we need something. Who knows?.

Around 5/5:30 p.m., if I haven't already done so, I'm preparing dinner. We usually eat around 5:30/6 p.m. After dinner, I'm doing the old nurse/pump activity again. Then, I may request a break and go sit in the bathtub ALL BY MYSELF. I love my kids, but you know what I'm saying...

At 7/7:30 p.m., we do the kids baths. We get them dressed and ready for bed and "try" to have them asleep around 8 p.m. Again, Quincy is much more successful with Aspen right now. I lay down and nurse her for a bit, then we trade children. I go in to Ephraim's room after Quincy's read to him and prayed with him and basically do the same thing for a few minutes. I grab the kids some clothes for the next day, and I'm out! I try to be diligent about going to sleep at 10 p.m. because I am a total crab if I stay up much later, so I spend the next 2 hours again, cramming in 1000 more things... finishing chores, sewing, crafting, blogging, TV watching, Facebooking, putting away laundry, loading and running the dishwasher, paying bills, actually speaking to my husband!??!, etc.

One night a week, I do a Bible study with some girlfriends, and I can now officially leave Aspen with her Daddy while I'm gone, so that's a nice break in the week. :) Girl time!

Sometimes Quincy has meetings, training, plans, and we have to adjust to accommodate those things, but it's usually not a huge deal.

So, this is why my days feel so busy. They are. Sometimes it's overwhelming, but for the most part, we have a lot of fun together. I wouldn't trade it. And like I said, I really do love charts, plans, schedules, and organization. I can honestly say that at the end of the days where I've done all I planned to do, I feel a great deal of satisfaction. I LOVE checking things off my list. WHAT. A. DORK.


  1. Love it!!!!
    You are more of a DORK than I am.. but I am pretty close! :)
    I desire a better schedule/routine. I made one up last week.. it is on the fridge. I am doing fairly well sticking to it. The NICEST thing is that I HAVE TO be home from noon-3:30 for Calebs nap. I get lots done during that time. LOVE it.

    Thanks for sharing your crazy busy day with us!

  2. Wow, this is awesome!! In my dreams I am a stay-at-home mom and I have my days planned out too! :-) I think it's awesome. And really, with planning, it allows you to get more stuff done, I think. I'm off on Fridays and Saturdays so I need to try to organize my time a little better. I had actually already been thinking about it b/c it seems like on my off days, nothing ends up getting accomplished. I need to be more intentional. Thanks for a glimpse into a Jennifer Richardson day! :-)