Thursday, June 3, 2010

Daily Makings

Recently, I asked Ephraim if he'd like to go play at the park. He responded by saying, "No Mom, I think I'd rather just make a craft." So, I figured I'd share what he meant. We basically make something every day. I like to let him do most of the work. He's learned how to use glue and glitter, scissors and tape. He goes crazy with markers and is not a huge fan of crayons. He realizes that markers are obviously far superior.

So here are some of our most recent creations. He does great work!

We made this "Rock Collection Jug" a couple days ago. Taped up the sharp edges with some electrical tape, colored on it, glued some stuff on it, and added his name. Then we went on a rock-hunting adventure. I remember my mom making something like this with me when I was younger. I believe it was for seashells for a Marine Science Center Field Trip. Good times!

Here's another view. :)

We do NOT throw things away (until we have sufficiently created from them and destroyed them. ha!). This was yesterday's box of Huggies. Now a castle!

Ephraim says this is Fiona up in the tallest tower!

This is our door hanger decoration! Ephraim cut lots of shapes!

Sorry the picture's so fuzzy, but we also added glued beads to one of the rectangles.

And another string just has his name. We've made lots of bracelets and necklaces from these beads. They are fun! They even glow in the dark!!!

Just so you know, Quincy's in on it too! On Saturday mornings, he and Ephraim go to either Home Depot or Lowe's for free workshops. Here are a couple of their creations.

Sweet race car!

Awesome planter! (Excuse the almost-dead plant. No one around here has a green thumb.)

They've also made a really cool catapult!

So, that's how things go around our house. What about yours?


  1. Oh how fun!! I must create in Hosea a desire to craft with his momma! :-)

    I love the fort. My brother & I never really did this but we would take a huge blanket and put it over the dining room table and that would be our fort. Then we would push the chairs over to make them like horses and we would put a jump rope around "the neck" and that was our buggy.

    And I love the free things he made at Lowes! Nice!!

    Fun times!

  2. Thanks for sharing this stuff. Great "idea generators" for me. I love the castle too! My only question is what do you do with all these 'crafts' once they are done? I seriously have a hard time throwing anything away that he brings home from school. I know I probably can't save it 'all' but I really struggle with what to keep & then WHERE to keep it! ha,ha

  3. I like collecting rocks when I was little and my family started calling me rocky. I did not like that name, as you can imagine. Thank goodness I grew out of that. haha!
    I love the fort too and the beads are awesome!