Thursday, May 6, 2010

Honoring Lost Little Ones

My friend who recently lost her baby just posted this link on Facebook, to the Got Your Back Movement, in honor of their daughter, Atalina Hope. You can see a picture of their sweet girl and donate in her honor.

And since I've met quite a few new people lately (Hello Grace Church of Avondale.), I thought I'd tell you about Tied Together as well. Tied Together is a nonprofit born of 3 families, who decided to take something we Americans have in excess (shoes) and give them to those who have none. Tied Together actually received a jumpstart when we lost Ransom. At his memorial service and birthday celebration, we asked our friends and family to bring new or gently used shoes in lieu of flowers. Those shoes went straight to Ethiopia, with Elpis International, a locally-based child sponsor organization. It was such a blessing to see how our son's life impacted children across the world!

I know it will be a huge blessing to Holly and Josh as well, if you choose to donate to the Got Your Back Movement in honor of their little one as well.

Sometimes the shortest lives can have the biggest impact!

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