Saturday, April 3, 2010

Resurrection Celebrations!

I thought I'd share a few of the things we've done so far to celebrate the resurrection!

First, we had a truncated, intimate Passover meal. Ephraim LOVES matzah! He ate about 4 of those ginormous crackers. He also found the afikoman, which isn't saying much, because he had no competition. Aspen refused to look. ;) I can also refer to this as "the-time-I-forgot-to-take-pictures-because-the-memory-card-was-full-and-what-we-were-doing-was-more-important-than-photographing-what-we-were-doing time." (Nonetheless, here are some pics of the kiddo with some matzah.)

Despite the fact that we talked about the plagues and the Hebrew people being rescued from slavery, I would say that Ephraim's main takeaway from this time was the message that Jesus' body was broken for ours, and that Jesus rescued US. I think this because of what happened Friday night. On Friday night, we went to a Good Friday Service at Grace Church of Avondale, where we worshipped and a communion was taken. When Ephraim saw Ian breaking the bread for communion, he said, "Look Mom, that bread is broken just like Jesus was broken. The bread is like how God's heart was broken." Now, neither Quincy nor I said anything, during the Passover time, or communion, to indicate that "God's heart was broken," but the mind of a child is brilliant indeed. It surely did break God's heart when His Son's body was broken.

(Now, we celebrate both the Passover and Easter, and I'll explain how/why we do in a future blog, but it's a ton of information, so you'll just have to wait. So those of you who want to know will soon know.) We neglect the bunny, but I don't think he minds. Even the bunny knows who holds the universe in His Hands. :)
We do dye eggs though... and we tell a little story.

Before Jesus came and saved us, we were like this egg. We were boring and fragile, and if you cracked us open, we would fall apart.

But after Jesus came and saved us, he made us new and beautiful. And on the inside, he made us whole. As you can see, Ephraim promptly took a bite of the "whole" us. ;)

As we dipped the boiled eggs into the colors, we explained baptism to Ephraim, and how it symbolizes the way that God made us new.

We explained how we celebrate Jesus' resurrection on Easter, and that, through Jesus, God has given us new life as well!  As we were taking the eggs out of the dye, Ephraim was saying, "That egg is like you, Momma! That egg is like you, Daddy! That egg is like me! That egg is like Aspen! God made us new!"

Praise the Lord for making us new!

Tonight, we will be making Easter Story Cookies, courtesy of Britney Warner!

On Sunday, we will hide eggs and teach Ephraim about a God who loves us enough to find us, to hunt for us... the Shepherd who leaves the many to find the one.

So thankful to be found.


  1. Oh, I also forgot to say that he calls the "before us" the "UCKY PUCKY US." Good call my man!

  2. How sweet.. I love how the littles ones sometimes get it better than the adults! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love it~!! Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

    and man I love your boy!

  4. Jen sent me over to read how you teach about the eggs! I love that! My kids are older of course, but I love object lessons for my Youth girls at church!

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