Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Success of the Quiet Book

Well, I promised I'd report on the success of the quiet book. I am glad to report that the quiet book achieved...


Ephraim ate all of the Cheez-Its, naturally. He also enjoyed the coloring book and Magna Doodle, and he spent a little bit of time playing with all the pages that required the last several weeks to make. Figures. ;) He's been begging to play with those pages for weeks, and when the time actually came for him to do so, he was more impressed with his Magna Doodle and Cheez-Its. Kids these days....

Also, when he successfully completed a task, he rather loudly informed me of his success - "Look Momma, I did it!" We'll have to work on that part of it. ;)

Anyway, the next few pages that I will make will be more Ephraim-specific and less "how-that-lady-did-it" specific. He loves building things, and I'm figuring out a way to make a "Build-a-House" page. He also really likes Thomas the Train and Toy Story, so I will incorporate those fellas into a page or two. Ephraim's third birthday is coming up next month as well, so I will probably throw in a birthday cake page, just for practice.

I'll keep ya posted!


  1. I think you should do a page where you can pull Woody's string and he WHISPERS "Someone's poisoned the water hole" or "there's a snake in my boot!" You're welcome.

  2. hahah - awesome idea, Jan - except that according to Ian, it is a SILENT book. ;) I'm thinking of changing it to a SHUT UP book. KIDDING!

  3. I don't know which I like better the post or the comments. I think I will go with those that write the comments! MAN I love you ladies!