Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Quiet Book Pages - Thomas & Toy Story!

Well, I've added some new pages to the quiet book.

First, the traditional "Tie my Shoe" page. Pretty self-explanatory.

Next, we have a Thomas the Train page, complete with tracks for him to drive on...

Inside the blue pocket are Thomas and one of the other trains. Ephraim could tell you his name. How were these made??? PRINTABLE FABRIC!!! YAY!

Finally, a Toy Story page. Buzz and Woody are hiding in the cup and hamburger box. The cup is a pocket. The box has a piece of Velcro behind it. These were created with the printable fabric, also. This scene in Toy Story always absolutely cracks Ephraim up!

Here are Buzz & Woody out of hiding.

So, the success of these pages will be tested tomorrow!


  1. Very cute! I smiled last night when I looked over and saw him playing with his cell phone. :-)

  2. wow! you are very talented! Love these extra pages!!!